Eiffel Tower

Capturing Paris: A Photographers Guide

When you’re visiting a city that’s as big and beautiful as Paris, travellers can often feel daunted by the sheer number of photo opportunities on offer.

This guide includes the sites and locations that no passionate photographer should miss on a Parisian adventure and has been created to inspire you to create the perfect photographs of your trip.

Arm yourself with one of these extremely handy Paris maps from Frommer’s, which have been designed with travellers in mind, and your trusty camera and enjoy exploring one of the of the most romantic and inspiring cities in the world.

Capturing Paris

Eiffel Tower

No trip to the French capital would be complete without the traditional photo shoot in front of Paris’s iconic Eiffel Tower.

When it comes to taking photo of landmarks that are as famous as this iron lattice tower, they’re often recognisable even if you can only see a small portion of the structure. Take a photograph of something else, with a part of the Eiffel Tower in the background, like the tip or the middle section, for an image that’s innovative and original.

Eiffel Tower

Place de la Concorde

If you’ve been inspired to visit Paris by the release of Les Misérables, the public square of the Place de la Concorde should take a top spot on your sightseeing itinerary.

During the French Revolution, the statue of Louis XV which dominated this square was torn down by the revolutionaries. In its place, the guillotine which would be used to execute Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette was constructed, so it’s a location that’s steeped in history.

If you’re taking photos of the famous fountains of the square, these are best captured in the early morning light and when human activity is minimal, for a shot that’s peaceful and serene.

Musée du Louvre

It may house some of the most famous and recognisable pieces of artwork in the world, but the Louvre Museum is also a fantastic photo subject from the outside. The world’s most visited art collection is housed in one of Paris’s most magnificent architectural examples and is a unique combination of 15th century classic architecture and modern, innovative sculpture.

Did you know that you’re also allowed to take photos of the artwork inside the Louvre? To find put the museum’s opening times and admission prices, take a look here. Just remember to refrain from using a flash!

Paris Life

Enthusiastic photographers visiting Paris shouldn’t limit themselves to the famous landmarks and sights. Sometimes the most wonderful photos from a trip can be of everyday things, including the likes of market stalls, café facades and the streets of the city.

When you return from your Parisian adventure, you’ll want to do something with your photos that reflects the time, effort and passion that went into creating them.

A photo calendar, available online from Jessops Photo as part of their online photo printing range, is a great way of creating a collection of photos you’ve taken on one trip. Creating your own, unique collection of Parisian photos will be a lovely memento of your time spent exploring the French capital and could even be a lovely gift for someone else.

You shouldn’t worry too much about photographing the ‘right’ things when you’re in Paris. Explore the streets and get a feel for the city, taking photos of anything and everything that inspires you. And above all, enjoy the process of creating wonderful photos!

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