Clerk should enjoy boiled down tiny shrimp and pork

Clerk should enjoy boiled down tiny shrimp and pork

Being a official worker, we stuck in mountains of work but we always concern to take care our family members. Deadline of works are behind our back, although, we have taken time to going to the market, cook healthy meals and take good care for our family. Twenty four hours a day with thousands of works, we also have to take care of ourselves, therefore, searching for healthy and easy cooked drink and food is necessary.


Nearly, my colleagues have found out a new awesome dish for meal and we have bought together. Do you know it? Do you know boiled down tiny shrimp and pork from Sfood? My husband, my children are really like this dish. I also share to my neighbors and they are impressed. Now, I am sharing this information to you who are clerk like me and not have plenty of time for finical dishes.

Clerk should enjoy boiled down tiny shrimp and pork

Maybe boiled down tiny shrimp and pork is quite strange for some of you but it is absolutely familiar with Northern and Central of Vietnam inhabitant. When I was a child, I extremely enjoyed this dish.  The tiny shrimp season means a pot of boiled down tiny shrimp and pork was appeared in the kitchen, every year, never ever changed. At that time, I was really fat because of this dish, it is so delicious and I can stand, I ate and ate, boiled down tiny shrimp and pork with hot rice. What an awesome dish!


These years, it is hard for me to make my favorite dish at home, got married then had two children, adding works at the office, they almost took all of my time. Up to now, I have found where to buy available pot of boiled down tiny shrimp and pork with the same charming flavor like many years ago. If you are interested in this dish like me, you can go to this link to get more information There are so many reasons to buy a pot of boiled down tiny shrimp and pork immediately

  1. Healthy dish

Nutrition ingredient is always on the list of priorities when we bought something. This dish is your smart choice. Boiled down tiny shrimp and pork from S-food is made from lean shoulder pork and tiny shrimp. Lean pork is plenty of protein, aliphatic acid, vitamins and mineral, all these are good for building muscles, provide energy for whole body, DHA is good for brain. Children should eat boiled down tiny shrimp and pork to grow intelligence and health perfectly.

Healthy dish

  1. Easy to cook

This is the reason why almost official housewife like this dish. Piles of paper at work, tons of housework at home, every time and everywhere, I am too tired to cook. I just want something easy and simply for meal then take a deep sleep. So nothing can better than this dish. You should keep it in refrigerator and get it out for meal anytime. You also use it to make stir dishes and soup with many vegetables.


Because of potted food, I used to be worried about safety food, preservative substance, poisoned chemical, etc when buying this food. S-food is really a qualified and believable business. This firm has been certified by the Ministry of Industry and Trade for qualified and safety food. Good feedbacks and good products make me more and more believe in and use their products regularly

  1. What makes difference?

If you have time and concern about this food, you may search and find out many branch of boiled down tiny shrimp and pork, however, S-food is always the first choice of consumer. Why?


First, input ingredients are chosen fussily, lean pork from home, tiny shrimp growing naturally from Cat Ba Island. Everything is fresh and delicious. All steps of produced process are handmade so you are no need to worried about toxic chemical, preservative substance, food coloring. Entire nutrition value is held on, protein and lipid content is up to 81 percent while other branches are 50 percent.


If you make boiled down tiny shrimp and pork yourself at home, you can use it only in 3 to 4 days without harming to nutrition ingredients and your health. With S-food products, we can use it up to 90 days. What a surprise thing! This is unbelievable but real. S-food used English food protect technology, packaged products in glass pots then vacuum-sealed so you can use it from 7-10 days in normal condition, 30 days in cool section of refrigerator and 90 days in freeze section.


Housewife who is busy with little children should use boiled down tiny shrimp and pork too. Your children will stop fussy about eating, tasty flavor maybe make kids even want some more than usual.

How about official workers, your lunch boxes will be listed a new delicious dish, simple, not take time for preparing, provides enough energy for a busy afternoon shift.

  1. Where can buy it?

I advise you to buy boiled down tiny shrimp and pork at one of these addresses to get the best products. You know, only believable and qualified stores could bring the best.

In Ha Noi:

-131 Thai Ha Street

– 12 Dang Tien Dong Street

– Soc and Brothers Super market, 21 Phan Chu Trinh Street

In Ho Chi Minh City

-777 Store, B02 8th Street, Phu My Hung, Tan Phu Precinct, 7 District, Ho Chi Minh City

In Cao Bang

-Group 5, Ngoc Xuan Precinct, Song Hien District

You can contact directly by phone at 0985 555 065 for more information


Hope this article give you lots of useful information about good dish and special dish boiled down tiny shrimp and pork.


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