Hoi An Street Food

HoiAn – destination of good foods

Once came to HoiAn, you can not resist the diversity of good food.

Located in the middle of VietNam, near by Da Nang city, HoiAn is known as the old quarter of the country. In the past, this place is an international harbor between 3 nation: Vietnam, Japan and China. 3 differents kinds of culture, seasoning and cooking mixed with each other and made the cuisine in HoiAn became diversity, colourful, but also flavorful.


Hoi An Street Food
From the street to the luxury restaurant, you can find for yourself many tasty, appetizing dishes, such as: rolled beef, mango rice cake, bbq pork with special sauce, lemongrass tea, Phượng sandwich,… Each dish may be found in some part of Vietnam but in HoiAn, it has its own unique flavor that no where can compare.
Below are some of the melt-in-mouth food and beverage that tourists must taste while staying in the old quarter.

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1.Rolled beef

This dish is normally served in the restaurant, with knife and fox, but in HoiAn, they found a different, strange way to serve.

Rolled Beef
First, cook minces the beef into small piece, adds seasoning, and then rolls them into a special leave that give fresh and sweet taste. Finally, they add some oil on the surface of each roll and stick them together. The sellman riding on the bicycle, his both sides are 2 small glass cabinets full of roll-beef-stick, a basket of nilon bags, box, and chili sauce, and behind him is a small coat stove. Once got the order, the sellman quickly takes out the sticks and grills them 3 – 4 minutes.
Well done Rolled beef is full savour and juicy, deep in spicy sauce for more flavor and eat the whole in one bite when it’s still hot.

2, Mango rice cake

Like rolled beef, mango rice cake is selled on the street. Sellwoman sit on the pavement, infront of them is small table or foam box, on top of the table they put many small, white cakes. Sellwoman coats them in powder, so they won’t stick to the hand while eating.

Mango rice Cake
The cake is white, chewy outside, and has typical flavor of rice. Inside there are 2 layer, one is mango, one is peanut mixed with sugar. Combine them together we have a yummy snack for the afternoon.

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3, Lemongrass tea

After having a strong, sapid dish, a cup of lemongrass tea is definitely good choice for tourists.
Hot water is poured into dried tea leaves, leave alone 10-20 minutes for more extras, then remove the residue. Base tea has dark green colour and a little bitter flavor. The next step is very important, it decides that the cup of tea is good or not, it is Lemongrass making. Bartenders only use the top of lemongrass. They cut and mince the top to take the extras and add into the base tea with some lemon. When all ingredients are together, have some ice and start shaking for sake!
The best tea you can find in HoiAn is from Mót restaurant. In here, they put a petal of lotus for decoration, piece of lemon for smell, making lemongrass tea is truly a masterpiece.

4, Phượng sandwich – https://www.facebook.com/pages/Bánh-Mi-Phương/

Must try dish for tourists in HoiAn is Phượng sandwich – the best sandwich on the world
In 2009, when Anthony Bourdain, a famous chef came to HoiAn for the first time, he was amazed by Phượng sandwich . This dish lately was shown on “No reservations” TV show which made a viral among the world.
Phượng sandwich has more than 8 ingredients in just one bite: Bread, butter, pate, meats and vegetables,… But the real thing that makes this dish so appetizing is the secret sauce: spicy from fresh chili, sweet from meat and smell wonderful from herbs. A sandwich only takes 2 minutes to make, heat up in 1 minute but the taste is last forever.

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