Traditional Cypriot Villages

Holistic Holidays with a difference in Traditional Cypriot Villages

Profound & Insightful Courses & Workshops
in accommodation with a touch of luxury….

Nothing can quite compare with a holiday in the wholesome serene environment of a traditional stone village tucked away in the hills of Cyprus!

Cyprus has long been recognised as the birthplace of the Goddess of Love and Beauty, Aphrodite (Venus to the Romans). One can see, after spending time on this beautiful island, why this lady would choose to bless it with her presence!

Cyprus Villages, established in 1987, has a new offer for 2004 – Holistic Holidays, Courses and Workshops.

There are times when we all need a complete change of environment to enable us to free ourselves from old patterns which block the free flow of our truth – thus frustrating our fulfilment. We feel renewed in the moments when we are selfless and heart-centred.

Traditional Cypriot Villages

Hello and welcome to Holistic Holidays at Cyprus Villages.

My name is Casandra Campbell and I’ll be looking after you during your stay with us.

We are very excited about this year’s courses and workshops as this is the first year that we are running holistic holidays in the villages.

Cyprus, away from the coastal resorts, is a beautiful and tranquil island and the villages in which we have accommodation are old and traditional, where the pace of life is slower. It is an ideal place in which to come and relax while exploring yourself through participating in our interesting range of personal development courses. We are very fortunate to have some outstanding teachers and course leaders. If you go to the biography section of this website, you can read more about them – there are also links to their own web sites.

We are endeavoring to keep these courses to a manageable size and therefore we are limiting the number of places on each course to between 6 and 20 people – thus allowing you ample time to work with your group and also the course facilitator. All courses are in English unless stated otherwise.

Courses will run for 6 mornings – from 9.00-1.00 with extra time in the evenings if required. The afternoons are free to relax by the pool, take a trip to the beach, go shopping or take part in the rich activity programme of

Cyprus Villages (please click on the Activities button for more information).

Most courses will take place in Tochni village as all meals are provided in its taverna which has lovely views ïíer the old village, the hills beyond and, in the distance, the sea. The Food is healthy, delicious and natural and special dietary requirements can be catered for if we are advised in advance.

The village faces south west, basking in sunshine all day and when it gets too hot, you can cool off in the pool which is reserved exclusively for our guests.

The climate in Cyprus is warm and dry in the summer with low humidity away from the coast. From March to June the temperatures can range from 20 to 27 degrees during the day but it can be much cooler at night. July and August are very hot and Autumn is usually sunny and warm. The winters can be wet, but the temperature rarely drops below 15 degrees.

Arrival day is Saturday and flights from all over the UK and Europe serve Larnaca airport (30 minutes’ drive from the village). Please call us for information on flights. All workshop and courses bookings can be made on-line.

We can also arrange car hire for you at very competitive rates and if you want to share a car with your fellow guests, it can prove even more cost-effective.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to Cyprus.

Accommodation is in delightful single, double or twin rooms in small apartments with patios or terraces overlooking the village – all are air conditioned or centrally heated in the winter.

The rooms are high-quality single and double or twin apartments with air conditioning and central heating (for those winter months when the temperature drops to a chilly 17 degrees centigrade!).

Some apartments are furnished with antiques and original artefacts and boast canopied four-poster beds. All are located in delightful surroundings and each village has their own pool for exclusive guest use. Wholesome and delicious meals are provided in the village taverna and individual dietary requirements can be catered for.

Courses & Workshops
We have put together a comprehensive programme of courses and workshops for those already on their path to self discovery. The course leaders are highly-respected experts in their own fields and these courses reflect the high calibre of their work. The programme will be constantly expanding throughout the year so we advise checking on our website for an updated version.

The courses truly reflect the meaning of Holistic – whole mind, whole body and whole spirit – and we believe that should you choose the Cyprus experience you will truly feel the benefits that this magical island has to offer.

Programme For 2004 …

March 6-13 Dr Helen Ford ……………………… £525 €788
Creating the Life You Desire
The whole point of a true heart’s desire is to bring you into alignment with what is already there for you, freely provided by Creation. We will look at how you can access true soul’s desires and differentiate them from things you have been taught to want. We will use these true desires to make a really effective wish. We will also look at the type of creative process that works perfectly for you. We will then work with various ways one can access the spiritual help which is always available to support everyone to being their innermost dreams into perfect fulfilment.

March 20-27 Lynn Macwhinnie ………………. £725 €1088
Holistic Leadership – Walk Your Talk

Know yourself and own the leader within you. Take steps to discover fresh insight, explore new perspectives and create a leadership style that is unique to you. An energising, affirming and challenging leadership programme to focus on your development requirements and have direct relevance back to the “real world” both personally and professionally.

The course includes window on your world – threads of life and career – the future is present – innovative ideas – The Holistic Matrix – creative communication – walking the talk – reflective integration.

(NB Participants on this course are requested to bring the following items with them: A4 bound blank art book, very small travel paint set (in a tin – eg Windsor & Newton), plastic canister (as used for 35mm film roll), 6 old magazines, pen/pencil/eraser, colour range of felt tip pens, small pair of scissors, Pritt glue stick)

May 15-21 Dr Helen Ford …………………….. £625 €938
Perceiving Auras & Making Use of your 6 Senses

Everyone transmits and picks up information via their aura and everyone reacts to what they pick up, even if this reaction is at a completely subconscious level. You will be shown how to be more consciously aware of this information as it is transmitted to you by your 6 senses of clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience (feelings) and the ability to perceive future and distant events. It will also help you to understand some of your own apparently ‘irrational’ reactions so that instead of automatically reacting to certain triggers, you can be in command of how you really want to be.

5-12 June Roselyn Journeaux ……………… £625 €938
Stay Forever Young!
This course is designed to empower you with practical self-help techniques that will regenerate your mind, body and spirit. The philosophy and the spirit behind each technique will be unfolded in your life during the week and you can continue by applying what you learn, for the rest of your life. You will learn to help yourself with ancient Japanese Energy Release Systems, Sound Healing, Flower Essences, Lymphatic Drainage and Nutrition. The workshop will enable you to have a complete understanding of the cause and effect of any of your physical, mental or emotional symptoms and to leave with a self-help programme designed for you.

12-19 June Sandra Semen ……………….. £625 €938
You Can Heal Your Life

Discover the pattern of your life, and learn how to improve it. This self-awareness course is designed to enable you to understand “why we do what we do, and why we do it again”. Using powerful visualization techniques and affirmations, you can re-create your life in a way you never thought possible. We will look at the areas of relationships, releasing anger from the past, forgiveness and, in some of us, why the physical pain we feel is deeply rooted in the emotional mind. So come and learn how to “Live the Life You’ve Dreamed!”

June 26 – July 3 Jo Miller ………………. £725 €1088
Holistic Retuning – Foundation Course & Chakras I & II

Holistic Retuning provides a way for all of us to deal with anything we wish to change or enhance in our lives, whether it is physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. In life, we tune into life’s “radio stations”, some of which are appropriate for us and some of which we no longer require. Holistic Retuning gives us a way to retune what we are picking up in our lives, so that we can pick up something more desirable. It not only helps us eradicate symptoms, it also helps us eliminate the underlying cause.
Chakras I & II include numerous associated patterns that can relate to blocked Chakras. During this course you will learn to identify and correct any imbalances in the Chakra itself.

July 3-10 Mari Hall ……………………………….. £1500 €2250
Reiki Master Teacher Training

This is for students who have achieved First and Second Degree trainings and have practised Reiki for a minimum of three years. This special six-day course is for those who wish to explore and expand their work with Reiki in an intuitive way in order to deepen the process of self development and harmony for themselves and others and to open the door to how they may teach Reiki.

The training comprises:
• Intuitive use of Reiki – trusting your hands
• Ethical practice and practice management with case    studies
• Exploring the energy bodies
• Refresh and review the content of First and Second degree teachings, including    the Initiation Rituals of First and Second degree.
• Teaching of the Master-Symbol
• The Master Initiation/Empowerment with the Master-Symbol
• Sharing personal experiences with Reiki
• Course Manual
• Certification by International Association of Reiki

NB Course applications will need to be accompanied by copies of each participants’ Reiki One and Two Certificates.

July 11-15 Mari Hall …………………………. £725 €1088
ONE – An introduction to Universal Life Force
Energy for Renewal & Harmonious Relationships.

Your precious chance to reconnect is here. With the energy of ONE we feel authentically renewed.
We feel renewed in the moments when we are selfless and heart-centred. But in our daily lives we often find these moments hard to sustain. ONE is the key to our reconnection to Source. By using ONE we find ourselves free from stress, are relaxed and open for healing in response to the flow of ONE. We have reconnected to our source. The ONE course includes meditation, movement, initiation and practice both on oneself and others. ONE is unique.
ONE is highly concentrated refined spiritual energy that brings greater harmony of Body, Mind and Soul.

Sept 11-18 Annie Davies ………………………. £675 €1013
Sing Your Heart Out

Your voice has been tailor-made to meet the needs of your own special body. This voice is the key to unlocking your essence and power.To sing with trust and conviction, “from the heart”, with your own unique voice is an incredible feeling. It can open doors in your mind, build your confidence and energise the systems of the body so that you feel truly alive and in control of your life. Why approach life half-heartedly when you can learn to Sing Your heart Out?! Come and spend a week of adventure and fun with Annie! (You don’t have to be able to sing to be part of this – you just have to want to try!)

Sept 18-25 Jo Miller ……………………………. £725 €1088
Holistic Retuning – Meridians & Five Elements I & II

Another chance to take the Holistic Retuning Foundation Course (see June’s courses for a detailed explanation) and to complement it with a two-part course on the Meridians and Five Elements. These are modules that cover the energy lines within the body (Meridians) and the Chinese Theory of the 5 Elements. It introduces patterns associated with each Meridian and Element along with the physical symptoms that may be associated with a block in that Meridian. Additional ways to retune are included in this module including Meridian Tapping, Meridian Pattern cards, use of Tuning Forks to clear meridians and more!

Sept 25-October 2 Wilma Mottram …… £625 €938
Come Alive!

This workshop will guide you to uncovering what you really want to do with your life. You will learn techniques and use tools to identify and implement personal change. How to find your way round those blocks we burn ourselves out trying to move, or bridges we worry about crossing which then disappear when we get to them. There is no need to continue to waste energy with everyday struggles. There is a simpler way to come fully alive and realise your life’s purpose.

So discover where you want to be and what you have to do to get there!

October 2-9 Noreen Clarke ………………….. £725 €1088
Miracles Do Happen

This is a workshop designed to help others to heal themselves, to free themselves from whatever may be holding them back from achieving their highest potential. The miracle is within oursleves – we just need to be quiet and access it. Only we can do it for ourselves.

This workshop is designed to give you a powerful experience of the work as well as a set of skills that you can use in all areas of your life. Come prepared to work on yourself. You learn by going through your own self-discovery process which involves “turning the searchlight on inside”, facing your own inner issues, completing them and setting yourself free.

October 9-15 David & Susan Hill …………… £625 €938
Natural Living – A Shamanic approach to life

This is an opportunity to rediscover your senses and learn a more natural way of connecting with yourself and your environment. Your journey to a new vision of your life will include wisdom, tools and techniques drawn from North and South American Shamanic traditions and from modern metaphysics. You will learn dynamic meditations that open you up to the healing energies of nature; you will explore and resolve issues using the magic of sand paintings. You will meet your future self to gain inspiration and you will go home with lightness in your heart.

30 Oct -6 Nov Evelynn Hannah …………. £675 €1013
Test Your Psychic/Healing Ability

Evelynn’s course is an opportunity to test yourselves and to work in a lighthearted way to open your psychic/intuitive abilities. You will learn how to connect with these and to identify your spirit guides and guardian angels; as well as how to sense auras and chakras, and to sense the energies in colours and crystals. You will be taught how to connect with healing energies to rebalance yourselves. Working in pairs you will be able to use what you have learnt to give readings and healings and the course will finish with a group healing in which each person receives a five minute intensive healing from the group as a whole.

Each participant is welcome to bring a crystal to be charged and with which they will also be able to work.

November 6-13 Dr Helen Ford …………………. £525 €788
The Soul’s Purpose

This workshop includes teaching how to be really clear about what is right for you in all areas of your life and how to hold steady in acting on your own true feelings in the face of pressures, criticisms, jealousies and other negative reactions directed towards you from others. You will also work on how to hold a steady balance between your own natural creative expression and your equally natural love for others.

November 13-20 Fiona Reddick …………. £525 €788
Life Coaching
Life Coaching involves looking at the life you have now. It helps you to identify what you really desire, be it career, fitness, relationships, health or lifestyle changes. It then supports you through all the changes that you need to go through in order to move forward successfully. We often resist change as we prefer to stay within our own “comfort zones” and make numerous excuses as to why we can’t have – or perceive we don’t deserve – the life we really want.
Fiona will work through various exercises, both physically and mentally, to facilitate changes. She will also provide the necessary tools for you to take home after the course, to continue your life’s journey

November 20-27 Steve Nobel ………………. £525 €788
Pure Magic!

We all have dreams, some vague, forgotten or discarded – some barely realized. Our dreams are the keys to happiness and success for they open us to miraculous living. Dreams grow in the soil of inspiration and passion, they can be watered magically by working with the unseen elemental powers of nature. They are blessed when surrendered into the hands of the divine. Using psycho-spiritual tools such as simple rituals, lively group process, meditation, chanting and poetry we will sow a few seeds for the year ahead.

Come and clarify your dreams, release any blocks, connect with your innermost spirit and have fun!

27 Nov-4 Dec Sean Bradley ………………… £525 €788
Angel Healing

Your Wounded Inner Child is your Teacher. This course will teach the practice of selfless unconditional Angelic love working with the sacred healing energies of the Christ, the Archangel Metatron and Source Angel. You are invited to reach out and acknowledge the Wounded Child Within. Using the most powerful, yet gentle methods of therapeutic channelling and sacred touch, your hearts will be opened to the Angels that you may be empowered to self-heal all that is broken, wounded and in pain. Everything is given in love and light and the course is an exercise in joy, sharing and interconnection with all that you truly are.

Each participant is invited to bring a small piece of clear crystal quartz to be charged with angelic energies and which they will be able to work with during and after the course.

For biographies of the course leaders, more information and to book your holistic holiday please contact either:

Peter Baker
Cyprus Villages Traditional Houses Ltd.,
16 Durlston Crescent, Christchurch BH23 2ST
Tel/Fax: 01202 485 012
Cyprus Villages Traditional Houses Ltd.,
7740 Tochni, Larnaca, Cyprus
Tel+ 357 24 332 998 Fax: +357 24 332 295

All the above course prices are quoted in UK £ per person and are inclusive of course fees, shared accommodation (in twin or double bedded apartments – please state preference when booking) and all meals. Single supplement UK £100. A deposit of CY£100 per person will be taken at the time of booking. Although every endeavour is made to ensure that all information is correct, errors and omissions are expected. Please note that all Sterling prices are approximate and will depend on the exchange rate with CY£ at the time of paying.

We reserve the right to alter or cancel the courses up to a maximum of 3 weeks before its due date in the event of low bookings or unavoidable circumstances. We therefore urge you to take out holiday cancellation insurance.

Flights and transfers are not included. Travel insurance is mandatory for all workshop and course participants. We will need to be provided with details of this at time of booking. Please note that all arrival and departures are on Saturdays. Courses start on Sundays and finish on Fridays. If you wish to extend your stay please discuss your requirements with us. You can BOOK ONLINE or use the booking request form.

Flights to Cyprus can be taken to either Larnaca or Paphos.
Larnaca is closer to the villages (approx 30 minutes transfer).
Cyprus Villages will be pleased to provide advice on flights and transfers.

The courses and workshops are being added to and updated on a regular basis, so please check the website for up-to-date information..

Noreen Clarke
In 1996 Noreen was at the lowest point in her life – her purpose in living was gone, she was lonely and was living with 3 major illnesses. She attended a workshop that was to change her life completely and forever – both on the emotional and physical levels. Én that weekend she learnt to access her own healing power and potential and within 3 months her illnesses had simply vanished.
Noreen is an International Accredited Journey therapist who has private practices in Ireland, the UK and Europe and she has successfully been running workshops for several years in Ireland and Sweden.

Dr Helen Ford

Trained as a Doctor, Helen was awarded a scholarship to Cambridge University where she gained a First in both Part 1 and Part 2 of the Natural Sciences degree. During the practical part of her medical training, Helen became interested in the psychological influences on physical illness, leading to a study of parapsychology and through that she met a psychic teacher who encouraged her to unfold her own psychic awareness and healing abilities.
This led to a decision to take up healing and using her conventional medical training in tandem with her newly-found skills to identify and work on curing the underlying causes of illness. Through working with Bach Flower essences as well as homeopathic remedies, essential oils, minerals and crystals Helen is able to treat the blocks and distortions in auras thus giving her clients the power to heal themselves by establishing a clear flow of their own truth through all their chakras.
She is an experienced speaker who works with the needs of her audience and who facilitates very real changes in their situations by offering them an understanding of the underlying causes of their own problems and assistance in getting back their full command of their own lives.

Mari Hall
Mari Hall has journeyed in to being a Reiki Master since her initiation as a Reiki Teacher in 1983. She has taught over 35,000 students worldwide and is a highly-respected figure in the wider Reiki community. Mari is the founding Director of the International Association of Reiki (est.1989) which has influenced the development of professional Reiki practice and the standards for teaching. Her books on the subject are international best sellers.
As a coach, mentor and motivational speaker, Mari inspires people to reawaken spirit and values in their personal and professional lives. Her passion is for people to connect to their inner peace and through creative resolution take this out into the world. She currently lives in the Czech Republic and has been awarded their equivalent of the Nobel Peace Prize, the Heart of the Country award, by President Vaclav Havel.

Lynn Macwhinnie
Lynn is a leadership development consultant, coach and mentor working with senior clients in education and industry. The threads of her life and career are eclectic, esoteric and international. Passionate about people manifesting their potential, she is an intuitive and inspiring catalyst in enabling others seeking to hear their soul sing.

Jo Miller
Jo has 30 years’ experience as a teacher and energy therapist and she is an accomplished clinical homeopath, dowser and hypnotherapist. She holds qualifications in Electro Acupuncture, Kinesiology, NLP as well as being qualified and skilled in many other therapies.
She derives great satisfaction from enabling her clients to improve the quality of their lives from a physical, mental, emotional and spiritual viewpoint and runs a successful complementary therapy practice in the UK.

Fiona Reddick
Originally trained as a saddler, Fiona ran her own successful business for over 10 years before training as a sports therapist specialising in fitness programmes and nutrition for competitive sports people. She moved from this into Life Coaching, using all her past experience in the university of life to motivate her clients to reach for their dreams and discover the lives they can achieve with her support. the prime areas in which she works are issues relating to nutrition, healthy eating, exercise and building indestructible self belief.

Wilma Mottram
Wilma is a Scot. She has trained in Aromatherapy, Reflexology and Massage. She has a keen interest in Mind Body Spirit connection and is an accredited practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP). , Life Coaching and The Journey Therapy.
Wilma has also trained in the USA, in Feng Further training with internationally renowned writer and speaker Denise Linn, in Feng Shui and Space Clearing gave her a profound insight into how our environment can better support us.

Annie Davies
Annie is Jazz musician, a Reiki Healer and by day an Occupational Therapist working in the field of psychiatry in both the UK and New Zealand – creatively helping people to maximise their potential and determine pathways towards achieving their valued lifestyle. Some years ago she combined all her knowing into workshops designed to be fun and fulfilling which she has run in Noway, Holland and the Czech Republic and now brings to Cyprus.

Roselyn Journeaux
In 1989 Roselyn was diagnosed as suffering from ÌÅ. Finding no relief from western medicine and descending deeper into the ÌÅ abyss, She was able to find the help she so desperately needed with alternative complementary medicine. Her recovery was it fast it was almost miraculous and she felt called to share her experience. She is now a practitioner, researcher, lecturer and speaker in complementary healthcare and she studies, practices and teaches in the US, Canada, India and Europe.

Sandra Semen
Sandra has 25 years’ experience working in the field of holistic health. As a practicing reflexologist and Indian Head Masseur, she has developed a keen interest in healing on all levels. She is a member of the British Dowsers. Á working lifetime in health and healing, combined with her own personal search for inner peace to California where she studied with Louise L.Hay. Working as a qualified Louise L.Hay life-coach, she runs life-changing workshops, assisting people to achieve their dreams.

Steve Nobel
Steve Nobel is a director of Alternatives, a non-profit organization promoting spiritual events is the heart of London for the past 21 years. He has trained with many metaphysical and spiritual teachers and he runs a spiritual counseling practice in London. He is the author of Freeing the Spirit and writes regularly for magazines such as Paradigm Shift and Spiritual Lifestyles. and

Sean Bradley
Sean is 55 years old and lives in the South Lakes ßn Cumbria where he runs private retreats and certificated courses in Therapeutic Channelling and provides 1 to 1 personal consultations& treatments for clients. He feels that his life has always been directed and that it was angelic forces which led him to become a nursing monk.
Following a major breakdown, which completely changed his life, he has become a spiritual healer. He takes his inspiration from the landscapes, nature and the animal kingdom. Sean has been directed to train others in therapeutic channelling and he welcomes the opportunity to share the privilege of being a custodian of sacred healing energies and selfless unconditional pure love. He has been working with healing energies since he entered nursing in the mid 60’s. He is a Reiki Master, Teacher, Counsellor and Spiritual Healer, accredited by the International Federation of Healers (MIFOH)

David and Susan Hill
David Hill has trained in the Shamanic traditions of North & South America. He offers insights into how to be successful in life to personal and business audiences. He also teaches nature awareness and basic survival skills to children and adults.
Susan Hill has 25 years experience as an adult educator in relaxation and metaphysics. Her work offers tools & techniques to empower people to enhance their effectiveness in living an enjoyable and balanced life. She is a qualified therapist and facilitates “Living Magically” workshops.

Evelynn Hannah
Evelynn is 43 and lives in Edinburgh. She has been working with healing energies for over 10 years, being a Master in both Reiki and Chios; she has also recently completed an NLP Practitioner course with Richard Bandler and Paul McKenna.
She gives psychic/intuitive readings – both in person and over the phone and teaches Reiki and gives workshops in psychic development.

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